Financial mentorship & coaching for first responders

Helping First Responders Create a Financially Secure Future

Comprehensive financial education and personalized mentorship/coaching to help you build a reliable and stable financial future.

Plan for Your Financial Security

The Academy

Grasping Financial Literacy and focus on basics of budgeting and debt management.

Field Training

Setting up systems and learn and understand about investing and automation.

Full Time

Cover all aspects of personal finance, including insurance, risk management and estate planning


A Tailored Approach Developed from First-Hand Experience

Growing up in a household with a first responder, we saw the lack of financial education and planning first-hand. We understand that your situation will be unique, with irregular hours and a high-stress work environment. We’re here to make sure your financial future isn’t forgotten. Our team of experienced coaches/mentors that specialize in working with first-responders, have an in-depth knowledge of the financial landscape, retirement plans, and strategies to help you plan for the future.

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Optimize Your Personal Finance Process

Optimization plays a crucial role in allowing you to avoid needing to constantly change your approach to succeed at personal finance. Discover the power of effective planning with personalized strategies designed to optimize your pension benefits, maximize savings, and create a sustainable income in your post-retirement years.

Get Control of Your Financial Life and Take Action.

Local Hero Finance has your back and wants to help you succeed. 


Answer The Call to Succeed Financially

We primarily serve first responders of all kinds from Police, Fire and EMT to Nurses and Military families in their pursuit for financial literacy and understanding. Even if you aren’t a first responder and want help tackling your money, or need someone in your corner to hold you accountable, Local Hero Finance can act as your coach/mentor.


We will work together to lay a foundation for understanding your money habits, goals, and ambitions to create a system of creating and keeping wealth.

Financial Consulting

Have a financial issue, reach out to Local Hero Finance and we can assist in creating a plan to tackle the issue. Personal finance is person and each situation requires a specific approach.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important step in the process to understand what you are doing all of this work for. We will work on establishing short and long term goals to help you succeed.

Implementing Technology

Technology is an ally in your journey to financial freedom. Learn to use it as leverage to stabilize your finances.


Get you budget under control and know where your money is going. Learn to live life while not sacrificing your financial future.


We can help you navigate your personal financial journey by providing real world examples and being your accountability partner.

Business Strategy

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Financial Consulting

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Marketing & Branding

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Information Technology

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Operations & Supply Chain

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Sales & Development

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Experience Benefits of Having Someone in Your Corner

Personal finance is personal, but understanding areas improvement may be needed is hard to see when you have been operating without any outside help. Local Hero Finance is here to work with you to better understand your struggles and your goals and help you reach your goals so you can develop and improve the way you approach your personal finance journey. 


Empowering First Responders for Financial Confidence and Security


At Local Hero Finance, our mission is to provide dedicated financial support to first responders, offering personalized planning and education to help them achieve stability and prosperity.


What Client Says About Local Hero Finance

We are happy to be your financial partner and hope these testimonials show you how much value we can add to your financial success

Local Hero Finance was able to take my confusing monthly spending and parse out the noise and get me focused on where my money was going and tightened up areas where I was wasting money.
Steven Jones
Police Officer
I was able to gain the understanding of personal finance topics and vocabulary to better navigate my money journey. I am now better prepared and more confident.
Jessica Myers
Local Hero Finance has been my accountability partner by keeping me honest and making sure I am following through on steps to reach my goals. I can am more prepared for my financial future.
Ben Hyatt

Frequently Asked Question

Having someone in your corner that can hold you accountable for your money decisions and help guide you to develop a positive and successful relationship with personal finance. 

Our coaches and mentors have personal experience with having a first responder in the household and saw firsthand how much a mentor would have been able to set up financial systems to not add financial stresses to an already stressful career choice.

Each client will receive one-on-one coaching to gain personal finance knowledge, create or update a budget, set financial and life goals and create a roadmap to live your best life. We will hold you accountable and be a partner you can come to when new challenges arise. 


The Latest News

Congratulations for taking the first step to creating a better financial life for you and your family.