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We offer specific plans to help you depending on where you are in your personal finance journey. No matter what stage, Local Hero Finance is here to help.

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We want to be your financial partner, to help you in anyway we can.

You can also use Local Hero Finance to help you master your budget with a one-time Budget Plan for $99.00. This includes tracking your expenses, creating a plan to identify spending trends and make adjustments to improve your personal finance journey.  

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Areas Local Hero Finance Covers

1. Understanding the Unique Financial Challenges of First Responders:


First responders often experience financial challenges that are distinct from those faced by individuals in other professions. Irregular work schedules, shift work, and exposure to stressful situations can impact their financial well-being. Understanding these challenges is crucial in tailoring the financial coaching approach to address your specific needs. By acknowledging your unique circumstances, we can build trust and establish a solid foundation for effective financial mentorship.


2. Budgeting for Stability and Emergency Preparedness:


Creating a comprehensive budget is a fundamental aspect of personal finance for first responders. Help you establish a budgeting framework that takes into account your irregular income and potential fluctuations in overtime or hazard pay. Encourage you to allocate a portion of their income toward building an emergency fund, considering the nature of your work and the possibility of unexpected events. We emphasize the importance of tracking expenses, minimizing debt, and living within your means to ensure financial stability.


3. Insurance and Risk Management:


First responders face higher levels of occupational risk, and it is essential for them to have appropriate insurance coverage. You will be educated on the types of insurance that can protect your families and assets, such as life insurance, disability insurance, and liability insurance. We will evaluate your insurance needs and understanding of policy terms and conditions, ensuring you have adequate coverage to mitigate potential financial risks associated with your profession.


4. Retirement Planning and Long-Term Financial Goals:


Helping first responders plan for retirement is crucial, considering the physical demands and potential early retirement associated with your careers. We can guide you through retirement accounts like 401(k)s, 403(b)s, or IRAs, but since we are not financial advisors, we can’t give investment advice. We will speak about the importance of starting early and taking advantage of employer matching programs, if available. We will discuss considering additional investment vehicles to build a diverse retirement portfolio that aligns with your risk tolerance and long-term financial goals.


5. Debt Management and Financial Literacy:


Local Hero Finance will educate first responders about managing debt effectively and making informed financial decisions. We are here to help you understand the potential impact of high-interest consumer debt and provide strategies for reducing and eliminating it. We will offer you resources and workshops on financial literacy topics like credit management, responsible borrowing, and smart financial decision-making. Equipping you with these skills will not only benefit your personal finances but also empower you to share this knowledge with their colleagues and loved ones.


6. Mental Health and Financial Wellness:


We recognize the significant connection between mental health and financial well-being, particularly for first responders who may experience high levels of stress and trauma. We advocate for open conversations about mental health and its impact on financial decision-making. We encourage you to seek professional support when needed where you can be provided resources that promote both mental health and financial resilience.


As a financial mentor/coach for first responders, Local Hero Finance coaches play a crucial role in supporting the financial well-being of these brave individuals who put their lives on the line for our safety. By addressing your unique financial challenges, providing guidance in budgeting, risk management, and retirement account understanding, coaches can empower you to achieve financial stability, security, and peace of mind.



Frequently Asked Question

Having someone in your corner that can hold you accountable for your money decisions and help guide you to develop a positive and successful relationship with personal finance.

Our coaches and mentors have personal experience with having a first responder in the household and saw firsthand how much a mentor would have been able to set up financial systems to not add financial stresses to an already stressful career choice.

Each client will receive one-on-one coaching to gain personal finance knowledge, create or update a budget, set financial and life goals and create a roadmap to live your best life. We will hold you accountable and be a partner you can come to when new challenges arise.